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Slimstart is a setup for getting up to speed with your PHP5+ web quickly. It is based on:

Clone or download on Github.

Sass: (Need to have SASS and Compass installed)

$ gem update —system
$ gem install compass

CoffeeScript (Need Node.js and Node Package Manager (npm))

$ npm install -g coffee-script

Run environment (Requires tmux):

$ cd {project_home}
$ ./ridge start

Everything should work from start (if you are using nginx you have to modify the nginx.conf file according to your local setup), go to


and you should see “Hello world”

Go to


and you should see “Hello ridgestreet”

Whats next?

  • Next is MySQL and MongoDB-support
  • Automatic REST-API:s for Models
  • JSON.js for client side rendering and POSTs
  • History.js for HTML5 pushState support and client side rendering
  • *.json to serve content as application/json
  • ?callback=func to support JSONP out-of-the-box
  • Decide whether or not a template should be exported to client
  • Filter what items should be visible when client-rendering
  • Static file concatenation, compression and optimization
  • Yslow and Page Speed configurations set in .htaccess and nginx.conf
  • Support for navigation configuration
  • Support for more server side solutions, Flask (Python), Sinatra (Ruby) and ?

Wanna see something else? Clone Slimstart on Github and implement it, send a pull reqeust or send me an email on info@ridgestreet.se to start the conversation.

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Vill du veta mer?

Anmäl dig till vår nyhetslista så får du tips direkt till din e-post.

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